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Jun. 17th, 2009

brat's slave


I have to say that it's blissful...

... your puppy eyes...
... that button nose...
... those smirks that always amaze me...
... that model stance and crooked spine...
... that high-pitched voice...
... that bothering yet infectious laugh...
... for being a one-take wonder...
... for being one of the best in your craft...
... your "classy" aura, ahahaha...
... your interesting yet complex ideas and ideals
... your curiosity that always takes you to places...
... your sensitivity and insensitivity...
... your logical and rational self...
... your competitive spirit...
... your entertaining prowess...
... the way you explain things...
... and the way you make me believe in them..
... your child-like and childish wiles...
... your ability to effortlessly connect to people...
... your blunt remarks that keep me in touch with reality...
... that bratty, little devil in you
... that caring soul that you always exhibit...
... the day-to-day encounter that I have with you, in which I come to know you better...
... the things that I have to do just to be around all the time...
... the facets of my persona that I discovered upon knowing you...
... and the idea that you are always near yet so far...
It's blissful, indeed.

Have a happy birthday, my dear Kazu.

I don't know if you'll ever come across this message but I believe we will find our place in time.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

brat's slave

Random Thoughts: Sho's birthday, February, etc.

My gawd, it's February already. I was browsing through my previous posts and to my surprise I haven't accomplished or started with any of my resolutions this year. Pooor me!

All I really wanted is to post a Sho-entry for his birthday. Apparently, I was quite busy during his birthday week that I was not able to do something for his birthday. Initially, I plan to make a coffee crumble for Gairu, Rob, and me but the trusty grocery store did not have the ingredients that I need. Then, we planned to have a little dinner for Sho but Gairu's head bothered her like a pecking hen. So no celeb for poor Sho.

I think Sho is really a reliable person. He is considerate and tries to entertain everyone before his own welfare. That's why he usually hosts Arashi's shows and is really fit for a newscaster. He also takes care of his image and does a lot of preparation to preserve what and where he is now in the industry. I think that he is a really caring person. I love the balance that he is doing right now - doing intellectual work with News Zero and baka-ness with Arashi. I think he is having the life. I love the way he inspire his juniors and other people. I think he is really something. And I hope he continues the same that he is in the years to come. Otanjoubi omedetou, even if it's uber-late already. Ü

I'm glad that Nino will do something different for this year, at least for the start of the year. Well, it's really great to hear that it's a drama series. And from what I read from different magazines, I think he is looking into a new perspective in dealing with characters that he will portray. I love the way he exhibits maturity in taking his projects. Well, at least he just won't do magic the whole year round. Hahahaha.

Speaking of magic, I performed some magic tricks in front of my friends. And I suck. I wish I coud devote more time and effort to practice. Well, at least I can hear some motivation.

I really do not know how can I manage all these files to download. I'm currenty downloading AnS episodes but I can't wait to have them all - VSA, HnA, DnA, etc. My brother exerted effort to expand our HD capacity, and thank God for the extra 40GB to store Arashi-lovin'. Haaaay.

I can't wait for the release of Believe and its PVs. Whoa, i've been singing the tune over and over in my head. Really can't wait for the PVs.

I wonder what's in store for us for their decade of greatness. Surprise me.

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Dec. 30th, 2008

brat's slave


I must say that this is really an addiction.

Right now, I did not restrain myself from going to an Internet cafe to check on the boys. Haay, I have no internet connection yesterday and today because our house is in total chaos due to renovation. Our phone is somehow busted and our computer is in the middle of the house. Hahahaha. I can't even watch TV. Thanks to JK Rowling, that I was able to devote time to read HP7.

So here I am, done with the browsing and documenting this addiction. Thanks for all the updates, btw. Ü

My family and I will be heading to the province later this afternoon. As expected, I will check on the boys no matter what. Hahahaha.

Anyway, have a blast for your 2009, minna. Ü

Sorry, Nino. No practice yet for new magic tricks. Will try my best next year. Ü

Dec. 27th, 2008

brat's slave

Random (Holiday) Thoughts

It's the holiday season and I'm suppose to enjoy this long vacation. But all I did was sleep, eat, watch Arashi-related videos, read Arashi-related stuff, watch DVD, eat, and sleep. Haaay, I'm suppose to meet old friends, shop for gifts, bask in the sun. Haaay, the setbacks of the corporate monopoly.
* * *

For 2008, I wanna give myself an mp3 player, at least, for my hard work for the year. I think this is the most economical gift so I can store more Arashi songs and videos. My trusty iPod shuffle has only 1gb capacity and it stores most of my favorite songs. But I really want something that will make me more accessible to Arashi. Creative Zen is really the most versatile choice I think, but is still expensive for my budget. I really do not know if I can squeeze it in. Haaay, let's see.
* * *

Aside from Arashi, I'm currently watching Ally McBeal on DVD and it gives so much interest to me and my family (who has no choice but to watch it also). My best friend, Eve, told me once that she reminds me of Ally's character (played by Calista Flockhart) but I think I can relate more with Ling (played by Lucy Liu). Surprisingly, this show has too many episodes that I'm still in Season 2. Argghh. 

* * *

Forgive me, Nino, but I am somehow neglecting my card tricks practices since I'm literally asleep for most of the day. I'll try to catch up with ya, dear. And I haven't done my reviews for Yamada Taro Monogatari and Ryusei no Kizuna. Gomen but I still love you, though. Hehehe. Ü

* * *

I think I should think about my priorities for 2009. This year is kinda personal to me, ya know. Hahahaha. Anyway, here is my list:

1. I will try not to be late for work, meetings, rendezvous, etc. I also say this to myself yearly.
2. I will limit my overtime hours - up to 10pm only.
3. I will buy my first DSLR this year - this I really promise to myself.
4. I will learn Japanese.
5. I will learn more magic tricks .
6. I will be more proactive.
7. I will be more socially-active and socially-engaging this year.
8. I will meet Nino this year.

I'll keep this updated.
* * *

I think I need to visit my dentist now that I have time to do so.
* * *

I'm torn whether to watch HYD final (thanks yupeh) or continue watching Ally McBeal.


Dec. 25th, 2008

brat's slave

26 words

To the ever-baka, spontaneous, good-looking, tall, cry-baby, sensitive, inquisitive, affectionate, versatile, graceful, cute, funny, optimistic, curious, adorable, animalistic, young, fresh, childish, childlike, uber-hyper, scaredy-cat, pervy, rabable, sexy, charming...

dear Aiba,

happy birthday!Ü

Kinda late, since I was really drained out of energy yesterday. I was not even awake for the start of the Christmas morn. Haaay.

As for Aiba, I really adore this guy. I love the way he generates spontaneity and of course, the baka-ness (very authentic).
idrilgalia and I feel that he is the most sincere among the boys and really fun to be with. Well, I really wish that we can spend days with him and exchange baka-ideas with each other.

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Dec. 23rd, 2008

brat&#39;s slave

Of bends and dents

I decided to follow Nino's path so last night I acquired my very first deck of cards.

I bought the classic Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards - like the one Nino is shuffling in AnS Ep 90 (sorry can't do screencaps). Oh well, just like a child, I tried shuffling over and over again to familiarize myself with the feeling and to make the cards bendable as well. I think I was too excited with the shuffling and all that jazz that I accidentally bended 7 of spades.

And now my deck of cards has a dent. Grrrr.

Up to now, I'm still contemplating whether I'll do an Ebay transaction for a book about card tricks. I checked out the leading bookstores here and the books are unavailable as of the moment. I think I should get a book immediately since I have this long vacation (Dec25-Jan4) to practice. Hehehe. I just think books are more reliable to take as an account in learning tricks than the Internet or instructional videos.

Hope I can be successful in this hobby, too - just like my li'l magical Nino.

Let's all have a magical Christmas ahead.
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Dec. 1st, 2008

On Vengeance

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Is vengeance always connected to something evil? In the series Maou, the "angelic" lawyer Naruse Ryou (Ohno Satoshi) ironically executed his best-laid murderous plans to get back to his younger brother's killer, the idealistic Naoto Serizawa (Toma Ikuta). It's not your ordinary cat-catches-mouse story, for it is entangled with twist of fate and emotions among the characters.

The series showed me that in order for vengeance to be perfect, it has to be controlled precisely. But just like any story or circumstance (for that matter), controlling over the situation is very inevitable, even though one has the power to do so. So in the end, it still boils down to making choices - on to which extent you want your vengeance to proceed. 

The concepts of guilt and truth were perfectly aligned in the story. I like the way these concepts blur the storyline and how it was shown in tones of spiritual and psychic scenes. However, I think the story does not elicit much of the good vs evil theme, ne? I can't really decide, but I think it attempts to explain that when truth is hidden, it is something that is not constructed in beauty or goodness. 

This is my first Ohno series and I really admire how he portayed the character. It somehow contradicts his bubbly Riida-image and I find it very effective - especially the smirks. I just wonder why he seemed to be a little tanned (?) in this series. I am also moved by Toma Ikuta's guilt-driven antics, as you can feel more of the guilt than the pain in every turmoil of the series. In addition, Koyabashi Ryoko is very angelic and suits the role of Shiori. Her big eyes are very effective in her psychic moments.

As Naruse put it, when there's more guilt, there's more confusion. I like the way the story is concluded in guilt and confusion - especially when the lead roles struggled on what decision to make. Naruse is very certain at the last scene until Naoto expressed his own guilt - hence, the confusion. I like the idea that it was never really settled and it's up to the viewer's interpretation.